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Diabetes Blog Week 2015 – Day Seven

2015 Diabetes Blog Week

It’s day seven of Diabetes Blog Week and I have to admit, I’m sad to see it come to an end. I loved the prompts and the enthusiasm I felt about blogging again. But more than that, I loved reconnecting with the diabetes online community. I feel like I spent the last week at an online diabetes camp, where I saw old friends, found new ones, and shared stories about the highs and lows of our mutual disease.

So, it’s fitting that today’s topic asks us to talk about the connections we made during the week:

The very first inspiration for Diabetes Blog Week was to help connect our blogging community, and that continues to be the most important reason it’s held every year.  So let’s help foster and continue those connections as we wrap up another Dblog Week.  Share a link to a new blog you’ve found or a new friend you’ve made.  Or pick a random blog off of the Participant’s List, check it out and share it with us.  Let’s take some time today to make new friends.

Here are a few highlights for me:

  • Kelley at Below Seven – It was really fun to read Kelley’s posts and find out how much we have common. Among other things, we both need help when it comes to cleaning out our diabetes supplies.
  • Ally at Very Light, No Sugar – I discovered Ally’s blog this week and loved reading what she had to say. Her If Diabetes Were a Cinnamon Cure was brilliant, and had me laughing about, among other things, the DOC (Diabetes Online Community) becoming the COC (Cinnamon Online Community).
  • Laddie at Test Guess and Go – Laddie and I have a Minnesota connection (I grew up there and she lives there now) and this week I discovered we also both love to hike. I really enjoyed reading her #DBlogWeek posts, especially her hiking-focused Oh Yes, I Can.

I want to send a huge THANK YOU to Karen at Bitter~ Sweet for organizing another fantastic #DBlogWeek. I’m already looking forward to year seven.

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A Beantown Update

It wasn’t my intention to stop blogging when I started grad school. Between moving across the country and starting a full-time course load, though, I just haven’t found time to blog. Heck, I’ve hardly found time to shower (only halfway kidding).

Despite feeling stretched for time, things are going great. I started classes at the beginning of September and have been exhausting my brain daily ever since. My courses are fascinating – I’m studying everything from food policy to food marketing to the meanings of meat. And while being a full-time student has its challenges (including being expected to read more than seems humanly possible!), I’m finding it to be extremely rewarding. It’s so mentally stimulating to be back in the classroom focusing on a subject I love.

When I haven’t been studying, I’ve tried to take advantage of being in Boston. It’s amazing to have the opportunity to explore a new city – and sample all of the food it has to offer. It helps that I’ve had a number of visitors, including my parents and my boyfriend, who have wanted to see the sights. And it also helps that I’m living with my sister who forces me to take breaks from my books. I’m pleased to report that she and I have stumbled upon some amazing restaurants…and ice cream shops.

I’m hoping to get back into the swing of updating my blog more regularly again. I’ll have to add it to my to-do list…right after “take a shower.”

A Rough Weekend

I’d been looking forward to the long Memorial Day Weekend all month. I was hoping for nice weather and the chance to head to the beach. Instead, I ended up at the hospital.

My stomach started hurting on Thursday morning. I felt fine otherwise, but had a really sharp, almost cramping feeling that kept coming and going. Since I didn’t have a fever and my blood sugar was fine, I didn’t think that much of it. By Friday night, though, I was in so much pain at times that I had to curl up in a ball on the floor and hold my breath. Saturday morning wasn’t any better and my mom convinced me to go to Urgent Care.

After waiting nearly two hours in a very crowded waiting room (and crying in pain through most of it), I saw a doctor. He only talked to and poked me for a couple of minutes before telling me I needed to go to the ER. He thought the pain might be appendicitis or pancreatitis (apparently a side effect of Januvia), and he obviously wanted nothing to do with it.

My boyfriend was with me and took me straight to the ER. Hunched over in pain, I waited another hour and a half before getting a room. From there, the tests (and more waiting) started. The most telling test was a full torso CT scan. After nearly seven hours in a cramped ER room, the doctor came in to tell me my test results were perfect – they couldn’t find anything wrong. That was good news since I’d been afraid I was going to have to get my appendix out, but frustrating  since there was no answer to my pain. Before discharging me, the doctor gave me lengthy instructions to watch for any changes, fever, etc.

I woke up the next morning with symptoms of the stomach flu. I felt awful, but still hardly had a fever. And now two days later, I’m slowly starting to feel better, but continue to have some pain and no appetite. Whatever this mysterious thing is, I hope I get over it soon.

A Perfect Getaway

I was lucky to have the chance to tack a visit home onto a business trip this week. While it was a quick trip to Minnesota, it was just what I needed. I got the chance to spend quality time with my  family, try out a couple of new restaurants, snowshoe with my dog and even help out at a food event at my family’s market. It was the perfect escape from my regular routine.

Lending a hand at a pasta tasting event


Feeling Thankful

I love that Thanksgiving prompts so many of us to stop and think about what we’re thankful for. Today I’m feeling very grateful for my family and friends. Even though I’m thousands of miles away from many of my favorites, I feel fortunate to feel their love and support. I also feel lucky that when I do have the chance to see them (like last week when I got to hang out with two close friends in NYC), it’s always like old times.

I’m also feeling thankful for my health today. Defunct pancreas aside, I am extremely grateful that I jump out of bed every morning with the energy and ability to hike up steep canyons, bike along ocean paths and sprint across tennis courts.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

A Refreshing Weekend

Thanks for all of the nice comments on my last post. I’m finally feeling like my old self again after a crazy couple of weeks. I took the day off from work on Friday and ended up with a much-needed three-day weekend. My boyfriend and I got bikes a couple of weeks ago and put them to good use the past few days (that’s me below on an excursion along the ocean!). After spending a lot of time outside, plus eating well and catching up on sleep, I’m feeling refreshed. Just in time for Monday.

Alive And (Stressed But) Well

I’ve failed at updating my blog lately, but wanted to write a quick post to let everyone (and by everyone, I mean my mom) know I’m alive and well. I’ve been coordinating a couple of huge events at work and have been so swamped that I’ve hardly had time to dress myself in the morning. Of course, my hectic pace means I haven’t been able to eat as well as I’d like or exercise regularly. Thanks to my mind running 100-miles a minute, I haven’t been sleeping well either. And, I’ve had high blood sugar. It’s crazy how quickly the body responds to stress.

The good news is that the end is in sight. The last big event is tomorrow and I think it’s going to be a success. Once it’s done, I plan to treat myself to a nice meal, big glass of wine and a good night’s sleep.