Is That an Insulin Pump?

I was warming up at a fitness class the other day when I noticed a girl on the opposite side of the room as me. She was fit, a few months pregnant, and had what appeared to be an insulin pump clipped to the side of her workout pants.

For the next 60 minutes, I went through the motions of the class, completely distracted. While trying to be discreet (although looking back, I’m sure I was staring like a creep), I tried to get a better look at the device, hoping to confirm it was a pump. It had to be – it was the right size and looked like a Medtronic variety.

Once I had determined that, my excitement got the best of me: I was across the room from a new type 1 friend! We live in the same neighborhood and go to the same barre workouts! We’re going to swap stories about preventing lows during exercise over salads after class! She’ll give me all the details on pregnancy with type 1!

After class, I made a beeline to to my new friend. (Again, looking back, it was probably creepy.) “Is that an insulin pump?” I asked, still out of breath from the workout. “What?” she asked me with a blank look on her face. “Oh…this?” she said, grabbing the device. “It’s a pager.”


A pager? Do people still use those? I’ve heard funny anecdotes from the diabetes community about strangers mistaking their insulin pumps for pagers. But, mistaking a pager for a pump might be a first.

Thankfully, the girl was sweet and didn’t treat me like a weirdo for staring at her for an hour before rushing up to her after class. (By the way, she seemed to know what an insulin pump was, so I assume she works in the medical field…hence, the pager). While the incident made me laugh, it also highlighted how hungry I always am to connect with other people with diabetes.


3 responses to “Is That an Insulin Pump?

  1. Yep, that’s gotta be a first. I didn’t even know people could get service for pagers. I know what you mean about finding someone. I had a friend I would walk with who was also diagnosed as an adult ( I was slow onset or LADA – her’s was quite sudden). As nice as it is to have the online community, there’s just something wonderful about face to face interaction. And, despite diabetes being on the rise, it’s still not all that often you meet another Type 1 in person.

  2. We call that meeting D’s in the wild on TUDiabetes. You have had an almost sighting. but more successfully your blog was referred to the TUDiabtes blog page for March 7, 2016.

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