LADA Awareness Week

Last week, October 17-23, was LADA Awareness Week. While I missed posting during the actual week, I wanted to make sure to acknowledge it. As I said last year, I am encouraged to see growing awareness of different types of diabetes. While there is a tendency to try to categorize people with diabetes as type 1 or 2, there seems to be an increased understanding that it might not be so simple.

As a refresher, LADA stands for Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults and is a slowly progressing form of type 1 diabetes. It also is sometimes referred to as type 1.5. LADA is the type of diabetes my endocrinologist suspects I may have, along with 10 percent of other people with diabetes. If you’d like to learn more about LADA, there is some great information on TuDiabetes. I also recommend checking out “Faces of LADA” on dLife, a slideshow that shares the stories of people diagnosed with LADA.


2 responses to “LADA Awareness Week

  1. I’m presenting in a psychology class tomorrow and the professor asked me to explain the “two” different types of diabetes.


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