Post-Op Thoughts

I’m finally resurfacing after having surgery earlier this week. It was a gynecological procedure I knew I needed to get done, but dreaded. I grudgingly scheduled the surgery a couple of months ago and it’s hung over my head all summer.

You would have thought I was having major surgery judging by all of the activity prior to the procedure. I had to have two pre-op consults, one with my surgeon and one with my endo, and talked to the hospital at least three or four times. The day before my surgery, my surgeon called in a bit of a panic to report my blood sugar had been 210 during my pre-op labs. This prompted her to ask if my diabetes was “well controlled.” I reassured her it was, but that I still have some highs and lows. I had likely had a snack before my appointment and was probably stressed out.

The procedure itself wasn’t bad – I was under general anesthesia – but the recovery hasn’t been fun. I was in so much pain following surgery that I had to get serious pain meds (and subsequently, anti-nausea drugs). The drugs knocked me out so much that I basically slept through to the next morning.

I’ve been experiencing quite a bit of abdominal pain since and feeling generally rundown. I’m trying to take things slow and get as much rest as possible in hopes of feeling 100 percent by next Tuesday when I’ll head to the AADE Annual Meeting for work.

One thing I’m thankful (and frankly, surprised) that I haven’t had to worry about has been my blood sugar. It miraculously hovered around 115 during the day of the surgery and has been pretty much in range ever since.


6 responses to “Post-Op Thoughts

  1. I’m glad you have resurfaced. I hope you continue to improve. Glad the bgs have cooperated.

  2. Aw, so sorry Kate! Hope you are feeling better…hugs!! Love, B

  3. glad to see your blog pop up in my reader. best wishes for continued recovery!

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