Moving On Up (Unfortunately)

I met with my endo a couple of weeks ago and had been anxiously awaiting the results from my A1C test. I finally caught him on the phone after I returned from Canada last week only to learn my A1C had gone up from 5.8 to 6.6 in the past three months. I felt deflated.

My endo was encouraging, but told me to watch what I eat the next few months. It was frustrating to hear that because I always watch what I eat. I put so much thought and energy into planning my meals, snacks and workouts, that sometimes I get exhausted just thinking about how regimented my days are now.

I know a 6.6 A1C isn’t bad, but I can’t help but feel disappointed that it went up. I question if I ate as well and exercised as much as I could have. I wonder if I need to cut my carbs down even more. I wonder if this is a sign that my pancreas is producing less insulin and if oral meds are beginning to lose their touch. Whatever the cause, all I can do is keep moving forward and trying my best. Sigh.


4 responses to “Moving On Up (Unfortunately)

  1. I would be disappointed too. No 6.6 isn’t bad at all but it’s not just a little jump from your previous one, it’s a rather large one.
    So go on, be pissed off. I would be.
    Just don’t let it bother you for too long. Stress, I found, can muck with A1C’s in a major way.

  2. I’ve found that diabetes is a troubling disease no matter how hard you try to control diet and exercise. The stress we put on ourselves to “eat right”, and make healthy conscious choices can add to the blood sugar imbalances.

    After being diagnosed I was constantly worried about my high blood glucose readings. I began to realize that I should treat the disease like a game. I need to enjoy the challenge of mixing up diet, trying new exercises, and becoming completely involved in the disease. I no longer worry about my high readings or low readings for that matter. It’s a rush every time I prick my finger to check my sugars. Give yourself credit for your vigilance and dedication. So the pitcher struck you out this at bat. That’s why you play nine innings and get 3 more at- bats.

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