After my Memorial Day stomach woes, I was happy to be feeling back to normal by the end of last week. I had an appointment with my endo last Thursday and he thought the incident sounded food-related. I agreed and was pleased it was a thing of the past.

Then yesterday, out of nowhere, I was walloped by another nightmare stomach ache. It came on fast and was severe. I actually left work because it hurt so much I thought I was going to be sick. After writhing in pain for about 45 minutes, the stomach ache went away. I still didn’t feel great, though.

About an hour later I check my blood sugar and it was 341 – out of nowhere. I hadn’t eaten anything that should have brought on a high. In fact, I’d eaten less than usual because of the stomach ache. I wonder if the two were somehow related. Maybe even my blood sugar shot up because of the stress my body was in. Whatever it was from, being above 300 left me feeling really tired and thirsty.

After speaking with my endo, taking 120 mg of Starlix and drinking about a gallon of water, my blood sugar eventually came down to 116. And, thankfully, I’ve had much better (although not great) readings so far today. This is especially good because I’m heading to Vancouver later today for a work-related trip. I’m crossing my fingers and praying for good BGs and no stomach issues while I’m there.


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