A Rough Weekend

I’d been looking forward to the long Memorial Day Weekend all month. I was hoping for nice weather and the chance to head to the beach. Instead, I ended up at the hospital.

My stomach started hurting on Thursday morning. I felt fine otherwise, but had a really sharp, almost cramping feeling that kept coming and going. Since I didn’t have a fever and my blood sugar was fine, I didn’t think that much of it. By Friday night, though, I was in so much pain at times that I had to curl up in a ball on the floor and hold my breath. Saturday morning wasn’t any better and my mom convinced me to go to Urgent Care.

After waiting nearly two hours in a very crowded waiting room (and crying in pain through most of it), I saw a doctor. He only talked to and poked me for a couple of minutes before telling me I needed to go to the ER. He thought the pain might be appendicitis or pancreatitis (apparently a side effect of Januvia), and he obviously wanted nothing to do with it.

My boyfriend was with me and took me straight to the ER. Hunched over in pain, I waited another hour and a half before getting a room. From there, the tests (and more waiting) started. The most telling test was a full torso CT scan. After nearly seven hours in a cramped ER room, the doctor came in to tell me my test results were perfect – they couldn’t find anything wrong. That was good news since I’d been afraid I was going to have to get my appendix out, but frustrating  since there was no answer to my pain. Before discharging me, the doctor gave me lengthy instructions to watch for any changes, fever, etc.

I woke up the next morning with symptoms of the stomach flu. I felt awful, but still hardly had a fever. And now two days later, I’m slowly starting to feel better, but continue to have some pain and no appetite. Whatever this mysterious thing is, I hope I get over it soon.


4 responses to “A Rough Weekend

  1. I had a VERY SIMILAR thing happen to me a couple months ago. I had vomiting with it too though. In the ER I got an ultra sound to rule out Gal Bladder issues (so maybe that might be it). In the end they told me I had an obstruction in my small bowel. A couple weeks later I was back to normal.
    Google them both. Be aware if it comes back.
    sorry your weekend was ruined 😦

    • Ugh, that sounds awful. I know they checked for gallbladder issues with the CT scan. I’m glad you felt better after a couple of weeks (and hope I do as well!).

  2. Oh I’m so sorry. I’m reading this and reliving my fall a little. I went for a couple of months with undiagnosed, debilitating stomach pain. Had every test under the sun, was told at one point it was pancreatitis. It ended up being spasms my stomach was having any time I ate (I was reduced to a diet of yogurt and ensure). Anti-spasm drugs fixed it and made the mystery go away. I’ve since heard so many stories about the mysteries of the stomach and the pain it likes to inflict upon us. I really, so hope that this will be better asap. Please report back. I’ll be thinking about you.

    • I remember how much trouble you went through this fall with your stomach. It’s awful to go through so many tests and still have your pain remain a mystery. I’ll definitely keep you posted on how I’m feeling. Thanks for the thoughts!

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