Awesome Things

The D-Blog Week post today takes a different approach than yesterday’s. Instead of making a list of things we hate about diabetes, we’re asked to write about an awesome thing we have done because of the disease. It’s nice to end the week with a positive post.

I think one of the coolest things that has resulted from my diagnosis, is that it’s helped me find my passion for food and nutrition. I’ve always been interested in food, but dealing with a disease that is so closely tied to everything I eat has really intensified this interest. I’ve thrown myself into learning about nutrition and our food system. I’ve challenged myself to experiment with new foods and recipes, greatly expanding my recipe files. Along the way, I’ve learned how important it is to really know what we’re consuming and care about where it comes from.

Learning how to make satay in Thailand

Throwing myself into this passion has been really therapeutic and made me realize how much I want to be an advocate for good food. This has led to an exciting new opportunity that I will write about soon. Stay tuned!


9 responses to “Awesome Things

  1. That is awesome. I know much more about food than I did before and probably ever would.

  2. That’s amazing that it lead you to one of your passions! May we all be that lucky!

  3. Thailand? Wow what an adventure! That’s great you were able to follow your passion 🙂

  4. And you’ll post recipes, right?

  5. What a very cool development! Great that such a rotten thing has helped you find a passion in something fun!

  6. great photo, and making your own food is soooooooo cool

  7. Oooohhh, I love this awesome thing!!! And I can’t wait to hear about your new opportunity!!

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