Diabetes Bloopers

Today’s D-Blog Week post is about diabetes bloopers – our “I can’t believe I did that” moments. I don’t know if the story I’m about to share is really classified as a blooper, but since it involves diabetes and makes me laugh now I think it fits.

Last spring, as my sister and I were leaving the Cambodia, we hit a bit of a snag in the airport. I wrote a little bit about it previously, but left out the truly wild part. I had to make sure my sister had told my parents first. 🙂

I shared how the airport security workers were giving me a hard time about the granola bars I was carrying. They called them “gel-like,” classifying them as a liquid (what?). Of course I’d had them on me, along with other snacks, because I was trekking around Southeast Asia and knew I needed to eat steadily and be able to combat any hypoglycemic episodes. In my post about the incident, I wrote about how my sister and I had tried to explain to the security workers that I was diabetic and needed the snacks. Our pleas proved unsuccessful, though, and the security workers removed the granola bars from my bag.

What I hadn’t shared before, is how at this point, my sister became enraged and her sibling loyalty kicked in. Despite the fact that we were in a foreign airport, being harassed by a handful of men, my sister decided to stand up for me and grab the granola bars away from the workers. They grabbed them back. But, she grabbed them again and headed toward the gate, with the security team on her heels. It was at this point that I yelled at her to come back. I didn’t need her to end up in a Cambodian jail! She headed back and turned in the granola bars.

While my sister and I agree now she may have acted a bit impulsively, I deeply appreciate her loyalty and know she would do whatever it takes to help me with my diabetes. I laugh every time I think about the ridiculous situation – and the look of fierce determination my sister had on her face as she seized my “gel-like” snacks.

Thanks for always having my back, MEP! Xoxo


9 responses to “Diabetes Bloopers

  1. What an awesome sister! For a moment I thought “she did” meant she ended up in jail instead of she turned around. Whew!

  2. Good on your sister! 🙂

  3. what a wonderful sister you have!!

  4. AHHH What a great sister!!! That is so annoying about security though. What are you going to do with granola bars? Hopefully you managed to find some other snacks once you got through security! 🙂

  5. so glad you have a great sister

  6. Very cool, could have ended in very scary…but very cool!

  7. Kudos to your sister!!!!

  8. Sisters are the BEST!!! I love how your sister protected you…she rocks! 🙂

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