Letter Writing Day

For today’s D-Blog Week post, we’re asked to write a letter to diabetes or something related to the disease. I’ve chosen to write to my meter, which has been with me every step of the way.

Dear Meter,

As you know, I resisted your kind following my diagnosis. It wasn’t until my endocrinologist handed you to me and had his nurse show me how to use you that I gave in. I remember coming home from that appointment, sitting down on my bathroom floor with you and shaking as I got your lancet ready to prick my finger. I remember wasting a couple of test strips as I tried desperately to squeeze enough blood out of my middle finger. When I finally got the reading, it was nearly 300 and I called my endo with the report.

I remember the nervousness and sadness I felt as I adjusted to my new life with you. It took a few weeks and many wasted test strips, but I finally got used to using you. And even though you knew I hated you, you did your job day in and day out. You learned to expect my frustration when you reported a high or low, or my sigh of relief when you told me I was in range. 

In our nearly 15 months together, you’ve traveled to more than 10 states and three countries with me. You’ve seen multiple oceans, lakes, rivers, mountains, desserts and plains. You’ve managed 100 degree heat in Thailand and negative five degree tundra in Minnesota. And through it all, you’ve quietly and humbly done your job.

I know I rarely (ok, never) thank you for what you do for me. Instead, I often target my anger with diabetes at you. But even though you’re not perfect, you have done a tremendous amount for me the past year and you deserve thanks for that. So, thank you for helping me better understand, track and manage my blood glucose. And thank you for storing all of my readings so that my doctor can easily download and view them. Even though I don’t act like it (as I grumble and throw you to the bottom of my purse), I do appreciate you.

Here’s to a continued great life together.

Your friend with the broken pancreas,



12 responses to “Letter Writing Day

  1. Great letter to your meter! I like how you tried to avoid “their kind” in the beginning, but how you’ve now traveled so much together! Great stuff. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I to am guilty of taking my friend Mr Meter for granted too. Nicely paid homage I must say.


  3. This was cute Katie! Although it’s so hard to get mad at the little buggers for being inaccurate, they do provide us with life saving information + where would we be without them?? I also thought your letter was very suitable given your blog name 😉

  4. What a great idea to write to your meter! I never thought about where my meter as gone! It’s very true though, I get mad at it, when I should be mad at diabetes sometimes, although I do hate when they are inaccurate. This was very cute! -Lauren

  5. This was a great acknowledgement to one of the tools in our d-life. It made me laugh with it’s truthfulness!!

  6. I think we all take our meters for granted. Great post!!

  7. Great idea. Even though we hate our meters at times… we probably need to show them some love, every now and then.
    Thanks for the giggle!

  8. It is such a love/hate relationship isn’t it? Great letter. 🙂

  9. I love my meter but anger that it’s okay for the manufacturers to have such an allowable margin of error! Nice post!

  10. Love your letter, Katie. So true.

  11. Thanks for the nice comments, everyone! My meter and I are blushing.

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