Admiring Our Differences

I’m happy to be participating in the second annual Diabetes Blog Week, coordinated by the lovely Karen Graffeo of Bitter-Sweet. For the next week, I will be  blogging about a set topic each day along with many other diabetes bloggers.

We’re kicking off D-Blog Week with a post about admiring our differences.  Karen writes: “Today let’s talk about how great it is to learn from the perspectives of those unlike us!” While I often feel like a misfit with my type of diabetes (likely LADA), not really fitting in with the type 1 or 2 crowd, the diabetes online community has connected me to so many awesome people living with the disease. Our situations may be different, but I’ve been able to learn so much from others.

I’m fairly new to the diabetes game (I was diagnosed in January 2010) and I deeply admire the people who have been living with the disease for years. When I was in complete shock after my diagnosis, I stumbled upon Six Until Me, the wonderful blog written by Kerri Sparling. Kerri, who was diagnosed with type 1 at age six, was writing about her experience with pregnancy at the time and it encouraged me to know that people with the disease go on to lead normal, happy lives. I also really admire people like Scott Johnson and George Simmons who are positive, funny and make an effort to embrace other people with diabetes.

Having diabetes has opened up my eyes to how much time and effort goes into the everyday management of this disease. I especially admire the amazing parents of children with diabetes, including Lorraine whose son Caleb was diagnosed with type 1 at age three. Lorraine and other parents of children with the disease are true super heroes. They have to constantly monitor their child’s blood glucose (even in the middle of the night), count carbs, adjust insulin and work tirelessly with their school’s teachers and nurses. These parents never get a break from diabetes. Even though they deal with constant challenges and frustrations, so many of these parents offer their love and support to others with the disease. (Lorraine always seems to find time to post a sweet comment on my blog.)

The more that I’ve gotten to know others affected by diabetes, whether they have type 1, 2 or something in between, or are the parent or spouse of someone with the disease, the more I realize our similarities. The more that we can support and learn from each other, the better off we’ll all be.


8 responses to “Admiring Our Differences

  1. “The more that we can support and learn from each other, the better off we’ll all be.”

    I could not agree more!!! Great post and thanks for the shout out. We gotta hang out soon! We live too close not to!

  2. Thanks for the mention. I don’t know where I’d be mentally and emotionally if it weren’t for all of “us” being in this together. Thanks for being part of my support system that keeps me sane. 🙂

    • There you go again with another sweet comment! 🙂 Thanks for all of the virtual support you’ve given me. I’m so thankful for the encouragment I’ve found in the DOC.

  3. Thanks for mentioning me, and for being part of this community. We’re a tough, but compassionate, bunch!! Happy D-Blog Week!!

  4. Great post!

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