My Love Affair with Kale

My boyfriend teased me the other day for how much I like kale. I’ll admit, I have been consuming the leafy green in large quantities as of late, but there are worse things to love.

As I was searching for new ways to use the vegetable, I came across this recipe for soup that combines kale with a few of my other favorites, including sweet potatoes and smoked paprika. I used more kale and paprika than the recipe called for, as well as one of the largest sweet potatoes I had ever seen. The soup was delicious and very filling with lots of beans and veggies. It made an awesome lunch the following couple of days.

White Bean and Kale Soup courtesy of Vegetarian Times


2 responses to “My Love Affair with Kale

  1. Hi Katie! Just stopping by again, hope you are doing well, and look forward to your next blog!
    Take care : )
    ~ Erika

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