Holiday Highs

I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things after a wonderful holiday week at home with my family. I fully enjoyed wearing my pajamas all day, reading for hours and cooking in my mom’s big kitchen (as opposed to the closet-sized one in my studio apartment).

The one thing I did not enjoy was the high blood sugar. Entering my first holiday season with diabetes, I expected I’d have some highs. But this was ridiculous. I tried SO hard to eat healthy, stay away from carbs (which meant I didn’t enjoy most of the holiday treats I made) and get exercise, but my blood sugar consistently stayed elevated. It’s very deflating to go into a fabulous dinner with a blood sugar of nearly 300. Ugh.

When I returned to LA last weekend, I tried to get back on my regular eating and exercising routine immediately. Now a week later, my blood sugar is finally getting back to normal. I’m glad I was able to bring my numbers down, but frustrated by how easily they got out of whack.


4 responses to “Holiday Highs

  1. It’s funny how easy it is for bg’s to get out of control as opposed to how difficult it is to get them back into check.

    Actually, it’s not funny at all.

    I am glad you had happy holidays! Take care!

  2. Ugh! Sorry. No fair.

    Cooking in that kitchen does sound blissful though. 🙂

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