Helpful Tips From My Health Insurance Provider

Since my diagnosis, the correspondence from my health insurance provider has increased significantly. Along with medical bills, my provider has sent numerous letters offering diabetes-related news, tips and recipes. While I appreciate the intention, sometimes I have to laugh.

Yesterday I received a letter with the following suggestions based on my recent health activity:

  1. Continue taking medication.
  2. Continue taking medication.
  3. Get at least eight hours of sleep.
  4. Watch for the signs of depression.

Maybe I’m just too forgetful, tired and sad to appreciate the effort, but this seems like a failed attempt at personalization.


8 responses to “Helpful Tips From My Health Insurance Provider

  1. My insurance had a “nurse” assigned to call us and check on my son’s health. I ended up teaching her more about diabetes then she taught me…by the third call she said it seemed we had it all under control and took us off the list.

  2. My insurance company sends similar reminders. I used to be on their “call list” with a nurse? calling with advice and reminders. Quite annoying and it took forever to get the calls to STOP.

  3. Thanks for the comments! It’s silly that insurance companies want to look like they are going the extra mile, but end up making fools of themselves.

  4. Ugh, who comes up with this stuff? I get them too but now I just ignore them.

    How sad is that?

  5. There must be people out there not doing the basics, right? Why would they spend the money to produce these pamphlets and make these calls that are so worthless to those who are caring for themselves properly.

  6. OMG. That’s actually funny as heck, and sad all at once! Seriously. Who comes up with that crap, as George commented, but also – asking the same question twice? I’d actually write a letter to the insurance company billing people, the people in charge of those questions, and some head-hancho corporate type about the use of insurance company money for these boneheaded questions and repetition that’s just a waste of money.

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