Losing Trust

Last night, I felt a little like how I imagine a parent disappointed in their child might feel. I wanted to pull out the “you let me down” and “I don’t know if I can trust you” lines – to my blood glucose meter.

I’ve been having some wacky BG levels the past couple of weeks (including a number of unexpected lows) and really need to be able to rely on my meter. But, this is what happened last night.

Pre-dinner low:

I stuffed my face (seriously, stuffed my face) with grilled cheese, pretzels and ice cream. About two and a half hours later:

What? Questioning the efficacy of my test strips, I decided to test one with my control solution. The reading fell comfortably in the 96-129 range. However, that range is a 33 point difference and the reading didn’t make me feel any better.

I tested myself again:

I knew my BG didn’t actually spike 61 points in 10 minutes and had completely lost trust at that point.


7 responses to “Losing Trust

  1. And this is what drives me mad. We cannot even trust the machine that we bolus from. This needs to be fixed.

  2. Hey there
    ..And we put our lives in these things hands…
    Really enjoying your posts from here in Australia

  3. Ugh – sorry. It’s so frustrating because we manage things so tightly to stay healthy and this “little” difference are really very big to us all. 😦

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