Seeking Fulfillment

One of my favorite things about the company I work for is that the management encourages us to seek personal and professional fulfillment. We recently had a retreat and had the chance to share what our personal and professional goals were for the year ahead. As my coworkers shared their goals, I tried to articulate mine in my head.

My personal goal is to continue to learn about diabetes in order to manage it well and live a long and healthy life. Part of this goal is to continue to connect with and learn from others, as well as continue to build my own voice, in the diabetic online community.

My professional goal is to apply this new diabetes knowledge to nutrition and wellness programs that aim to help others. I want to be a voice for those with chronic conditions and use my experience to build campaigns that speak to them. I’ve always had an interest in nutrition and wellness, and this passion has only grown these past few months.

When it was my turn to share my goals in front of my coworkers, my voice cracked and I teared up a bit. My thoughts suddenly felt so deeply personal – and so real. As I tried to articulate my personal and professional aspirations, I realized (and said out loud) that these wouldn’t have been my goals a year ago.

I find it fascinating how life events, good and bad, point us new directions and give our lives new meaning. While I wish I didn’t have diabetes, I admit that I feel energized by my current goals. And I feel lucky to work in an environment where I’m encouraged to strive for them.


4 responses to “Seeking Fulfillment

  1. It’s so weird how as much as I hate diabetes, I am thankful for the good things that have come from having it.

    Sounds like you are in the right place. Very cool indeed.

  2. You really moved me when you spoke at our retreat. Your journey and story is so moving – I’m so proud of you and can’t wait to see more of your successes!

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