Alive And (Stressed But) Well

I’ve failed at updating my blog lately, but wanted to write a quick post to let everyone (and by everyone, I mean my mom) know I’m alive and well. I’ve been coordinating a couple of huge events at work and have been so swamped that I’ve hardly had time to dress myself in the morning. Of course, my hectic pace means I haven’t been able to eat as well as I’d like or exercise regularly. Thanks to my mind running 100-miles a minute, I haven’t been sleeping well either. And, I’ve had high blood sugar. It’s crazy how quickly the body responds to stress.

The good news is that the end is in sight. The last big event is tomorrow and I think it’s going to be a success. Once it’s done, I plan to treat myself to a nice meal, big glass of wine and a good night’s sleep.


4 responses to “Alive And (Stressed But) Well

  1. Looking forward to getting you back! Be well.

  2. You deserve to relax after this event! Hang in there 🙂

  3. Good to hear you’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!

  4. I hope the stress is indeed relieved by now and you’ve enjoyed that meal and wine!

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