Diabetes Art Day

Something really cool took place in the blogosphere last Wednesday. Thanks to a wonderful idea by Lee Ann Thill over at The Butter Compartment, September 1 was the first-ever Diabetes Art Day. D-bloggers everywhere shared their personal creations – everything from photos to drawings to sculptures.

I wasn’t able to get my act together (clearly…even my blog post is a week late), so sadly I didn’t have anything of my own to share. I was really inspired, though, as I looked through the contributions. D-bloggers of all ages expressed their personal experiences with diabetes in so many beautiful and powerful ways. I encourage you to check out the pieces on the Diabetes Art Day Online Gallery and read Lee Ann’s final thoughts about the day.

I’m so glad Diabetes Art Day was a success and will become an annual tradition. I’m really looking forward to participating next year!


One response to “Diabetes Art Day

  1. I bet it’s not too late to join in if you wanted to!

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