Millions Of Peaches

Because I’ve had the most amazing peaches lately (few things are as delicious as a perfectly ripe peach), I got carried away at the farmer’s market this past weekend. With too many ripe ones on hand, I set my mind on making a fruit crisp. I found a recipe on Epicurious that sounded simple, and best of all, healthy.

While the recipe calls for blackberries, I just used two large peaches. I also used a small baking dish instead of baking the dessert in individual ramekins. The crisp had a lighter, healthier flavor than more traditional ones (it lacked the rich, buttery topping), but still provided a very tasty dessert. Best of all, I didn’t see a big spike in my blood sugar after eating it.

(I meant to take a photo of the crisp, but polished it off before I got around to it. You’ll have to use your imagination on this one.)


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