Love For The Misfits

As someone who doesn’t fit into the type 1 or 2 bucket, I often feel like I belong on the island of misfits. Like Hermey the Elf, who desperately wanted to be a dentist, struggled to find his place among toy making elves, I struggle to understand my diabetic identity in a world of type 1 and 2s.

I worried about not fitting in after receiving an invitation to a JDRF event for type 1 adults in the area about a month ago. I actually e-mailed a friend who works for the organization to ask if I’d really be accepted. “I don’t even use insulin yet,” I told her, imagining the type 1s kicking me out for not being type 1 enough. She calmed my nerves and encouraged me to go. (Unfortunately, I ended up having a work conflict the night of the event.)

I’ve spent a lot of time searching for information on lesser-known types of diabetes, including latent autoimmune diabetes in adults, or LADA. I’ve found a couple of helpful articles, plus a good forum on TuDiabetes, but overall the pickings are slim. How am I supposed to explain my case of diabetes if I can’t figure it out myself?

That’s why I was thrilled to see the story on LADA in the current issue of Diabetic LivingThe article provides an overview of this type of diabetes, explains why it is often mistaken for type 2 and includes great insight from Cherise Shockley who has LADA. I’m glad Diabetic Living is addressing the issue and hope it fuels further conversation. The more that LADA and other types of diabetes are discussed, the less I think I’ll feel like a misfit.


9 responses to “Love For The Misfits

  1. Welcome to the Diabetes Online Community, where everyone is welcome! Another resource/D-Blogger you might connect with is Shannon over at LADAdeeda. ( Aside from Cherise she’s a good one, too! Great havnig you write here and look forward to seeing around the DOC!

  2. you wrote “How am I supposed to explain my case of diabetes if I can’t figure it out myself?”

    Don’t sweat it. We are all different, and “d” is different in all of us. Hang in there, you’ll do GREAT!

  3. Well, you can always look at it as meeting these people and working with the DOC as getting prepared. Hopefully through working with everyone you won’t have to EVER be “that much” of a diabetic.

  4. Sorry, still giggling at the Hermey reference. I freaking love that movie. “Hermey doesn’t like to make toys!” You’ll never be on the island of misfit toys! 🙂 (ok, literally just sang a line of the song out loud)…

  5. Hey, I think the weirdest thing for us T1’s is that we don’t really understand it completely. I mean, sure, we understand the mechanics and what’s happening w/ the onset of LADA, but wrapping my brain around it is another story. I’ve lived since I was 4 w/ diabetes. And LADA is such a “new” term in our d-vocabulary. If it weren’t for the D-OC, I wouldn’t even know what it was. Because people don’t talk about it. But, I think you fit in w/ the OC just fine. And I wouldn’t worry about “fitting in” w/ any other group either. Just use it as a chance to educate us “old timers”. 🙂

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