I’ve had many diabetes-related dreams since my diagnosis. Clearly stemming from my anxieties, the dreams have included things like finger pricks, insulin injections and hypoglycemic episodes. I had a dream the other night, though, that was actually quite calming.

I was catching up with a childhood friend who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes a few years ago. As we chatted, I grilled her on everything from her diagnosis, to her insulin pump, to her blood sugar levels during exercise. She patiently answered question after question, then said, “Katie, my life really hasn’t changed that much. I still do everything I used to do.”

I believe dreams provide insight into our own experiences and know this one served to send me an important message. Despite the curveballs diabetes will throw my way, I’ll be okay. And I’ll still do everything I used to do.


5 responses to “D-Dreaming

  1. Were you dreaming about Patti? Did you see on FB that she had to drive 5.5 hours back from vacation because her insulin pump died on a Sunday night? Bummer! :p

  2. Yes, it was Patti…and it was such a reassuring conversation. I didn’t see that on FB. That sucks!

  3. I’ve had diabetes so long, I don’t know life w/out it. But things have changed over the years. And so have I.
    Having people to talk to has always helped the situation!

  4. I’m sure that’s true. That’s why I’m so thankful for the DOC! 🙂

  5. That sounds like a pretty great dream for you to have. And then to find out she had to haul ass back from a trip due to a pump failure?! Well, shoot, that kind of sucks. But it almost makes you chuckle about how diabetes sometimes shows you who’s the boss… Just when you think you’ve got it, BAM! 🙂

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