Happy Feet, Happy Me

I’ve had to see a podiatrist a couple of times recently for a minor foot issue. While seeing doctors has become all too routine the past few months, being impressed by them hasn’t. That’s why I’m relieved to have stumbled upon such a great podiatrist – on the first try.

The first time I saw him and told him I was diabetic, he asked a lot of questions about my diagnosis, type and blood sugar control. We chatted at length about diabetes research and tools for blood sugar management. When I visited his office again a few weeks later, the first thing he asked was how my blood sugar levels had been. Sure, he might be trying to get my business for the recommended annual foot exam, but even so I’m happy.

I found out in the first few weeks following my diagnosis just how critical it is to work with supportive and understanding health care professionals. (One of the first doctors I met with was so unempathetic and in such a rush, I actually refused to pick up the glucose meter she had prescribed to me.) When I’ve met with nurses and doctors (like my wonderful endocrinologist) who have taken the time to listen to me, ask me questions and answer mine, I’ve been much more likely to leave feeling empowered to deal with this disease.


2 responses to “Happy Feet, Happy Me

  1. When a doctor is rushed, it’s impossible to believe they’ve gathered all the info they might need. They may have done so, regardless, but you can’t be confident.

  2. I know…that’s so true. I definitely feel more confident when they’ve taken the time to talk with me.

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