The Bible Cure For Misleading Claims

There’s been heated conversation in the diabetic online community the past few days regarding a book, “The Bible Cure For Diabetes,” by Dr. Don Colbert. Kelly at Diabetesaliciousness brought it to our attention in her June 14 post. The gist of the book is that through faith people can “win the fight over diabetes.” While faith is great, as Kelly pointed out, if there truly was a “Bible Cure,” every person with diabetes would have jumped on it.

Many in the diabetic community have called the book misleading and said it provides false hope. They’ve said that peddling miracle cures only adds to the feelings of frustration, guilt and blame many diabetics experience. I agree.

I am a healthy 27-year-old. I have always exercised regularly, eaten well and tried to take care of myself. Oh, and I’ve always had faith in God. But at 26, I was diagnosed with diabetes. While I try to have a positive attitude, I often ask “why me?” and blame myself when my blood sugar is too high.

What I need is not a false miracle cure. I need support – and scientific research.


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