How Do You Say “I’m Diabetic” in Cambodian?

I was very fortunate to have fairly steady blood sugar levels on my trip. It helped that we walked everywhere and  I made an effort to avoid white rice and added sugar. Adding spoonfuls of sugar to tea and coffee is customary in Thailand, so I was glad my sister could order mine sugar free.

One of the biggest issues I had relating to diabetes – and this is a pretty minor issue – was going through airport security in Siem Reap, Cambodia. I had a few Granola Gourmet bars on me  (they are delicious and low glycemic) for my trip home, and something about the bars caught the attention of airport security. The workers pulled them out of my bag and started squishing them, informing me they were gel (gel?!). Despite my best  attempts at explaining I was diabetic and needed snacks, the security workers were convinced they posed a security threat. I was near tears as I resigned to the fact that my snacks were being taken from me.

Thankfully, my sister had a few of the same bars in her backpack that she  shared with me. Despite their apparent gel-like consistency, she had made it through the neighboring security line without any issues.


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