Dream a Little Dream – Life After a Cure

Before I dive into my final contribution for Diabetes Blog Week, I want to thank Karen at Bitter-Sweet Diabetes Blog for coordinating the effort. I really enjoyed being a part of the experience.

Today’s post is on the topic of life after a cure. If I woke up tomorrow without diabetes, what would life be like?

I’ve read some really powerful posts today from other d-bloggers. A few people who have been living with diabetes for years said that they don’t believe they’ll see a cure in their lifetime, despite being told all their lives that one is “just around the corner.” Others noted that they can’t imagine a life without constant blood sugar tests, carb counts and insulin injections – but they’d love to give it a try.

I’ve only been living with diabetes for four months , so I don’t know if I have a lot to add to the conversation. I guess for me, a cure would bring me back to the life I knew last year. I ate without thinking about carb content, exercised without worrying about lows and never thought about high blood sugar. I didn’t have anxiety about my condition and how it would affect my future. I didn’t stress about my eyesight, my feet or other diabetic complications. I didn’t worry about how my pancreas was functioning and fear that soon I’d become insulin dependent.

A cure would get rid of the fear and anxiety that I’ve come to know so well the past few months. I dream for that.


One response to “Dream a Little Dream – Life After a Cure

  1. Thank you so much for joining in on blog week!!! I think your posts, especially this one, added a lot to the conversation. I do hope we see a cute, but after more than 30 years with diabetes, I’m not sure I can believe in one anymore. I’d love to be proven wrong though!! One thing I do know for sure – with or without a cure, before you know it you will have lost the fear an anxiety. You can totally live with diabetes – and live well!! 🙂

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