My Biggest Supporter

I’ve been tasked to write about my biggest supporter today for Diabetes Blog Week. I really can’t pick just one (I suspect others will feel the same). My new life with diabetes has been a big adjustment and I’m so grateful I’ve had the support of:

  • My endocrinologist who walked in the room wearing a bow tie and holding a box of tissues the first time we met. He let me tell him why I didn’t think I had diabetes, then gently told me why I did and how I would manage it as he handed me tissue after tissue.
  • My boyfriend who was the first person I called after my initial diagnosis. He’s been with me every step of the way, asking about the signs of high and low blood sugar, learning how to use my glucometer, and putting his foot down when I want to indulge in too many carbs (a pretty thankless job most of the time).
  • My family and friends who continue to ask  how I’m doing, listen to my fears, anxieties and frustrations, and even take the time to read up on diabetes and send me special recipes.
  • The wonderful people with diabetes online who are willing to share their experiences and listen to mine. They opened their digital arms to me and are always willing to listen when I tweet about things like #bgnow.

4 responses to “My Biggest Supporter

  1. Fantastic list straight from the heart!
    kelly k

  2. Oh I love how you talk about your boyfriend and how he’s supporting you. It reminds me of a couple of other posts I’ve read from this day – these two ladies married the fellows that stood by them during their diagnosis.

    Did you catch their blogs?
    Arnold and Me
    The Sugar Substitute

    I like the guy with the bow tie too!

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