Immunizations and Explanations

I had an appointment at a travel clinic yesterday to prepare for my upcoming trip to Thailand. The clinical pharmacist I met with went through every possible deadly disease I could encounter and then gave me my choice of expensive immunizations and prescriptions. As she was looking through my files she noticed that I have diabetes and asked if it was type 1 or 2. I tried to give her a quick background on my case, explaining that  I was fairly recently diagnosed and that my endocrinologist isn’t sure of my type yet. She didn’t seem too interested in my explanation and quickly moved onto Japanese Encephalitis.

After my appointment, I realized it was the first time since my diagnosis that I’ve met with a health professional who didn’t know my background. It was odd to have to explain my diabetes…especially to someone so focused on mosquito-borne diseases.


2 responses to “Immunizations and Explanations

  1. Isn’t it also sort of weird how they either don’t understand what you are telling them, or they quickly “tune out”?

  2. Ha, I know! I thought she was opening the door to conversation, but I was wrong.

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