Hitting a Low

Lately it seems like I’ll have pretty level blood sugar readings for a couple of days and then get walloped with an out of the blue high or low. Today I had a pretty bad hypoglycemic episode at work. I was at my desk this morning when I suddenly felt hungry and weak. With shaking hands I checked my blood sugar. It was 58 and dropping, and I felt awful. I drank a little regular soda to try to get my sugar up and ten minutes later it fortunately had jumped to 109. The rest of the day I felt off and even neared hypoglycemia again before dinner.

Spikes like this don’t make any sense to me. I’m pretty consistent in the times and types of food I eat, but still my readings often surprise me. Mr. Diabetes doesn’t seem to be playing by the rules.


One response to “Hitting a Low

  1. The part they forget to tell you is that Mr. Diabetes changes the rules on the fly and doesn’t always notify you… 🙂

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