Food Revolution? Yes, Please!

People who know me know I’m passionate about food. I grew up on a farm and today my family owns a market focused on locally grown foods. I like to cook, go to farmers’ markets and have a serious weakness for trying out new restaurants.  

This love for food is why I’m glad to see that Jamie Oliver’s “Food Revolution” has ignited discussion on the way we eat in America. Whether you love or hate the show (and there have been many news stories and blog posts on both sides), it’s hard to ignore the buzz it’s created. The truth is, our country as a whole does not eat well. We have gotten away from eating fresh, local foods. We have stopped putting time and money into creating healthy meals. We view eating as something we have to do, rather than something to enjoy.

Between Michelle Obama pushing for fresh, local food and celebrity chefs promoting healthier eating, the topic is in the spotlight right now. I hope this attention leads to positive changes in Americans’ eating habits and overall health. I for one am ready for a food revolution and happy to help lead the charge. Who’s with me?


3 responses to “Food Revolution? Yes, Please!

  1. Hey! I loved Jamie Oliver’s show. Although I admit I was largely excited that the first episode was in Huntington, WV which was in part of the area I worked in. 🙂 R.

  2. I am!! (as long as tornados are still on the o.k. list)

  3. Rachel, I didn’t realize that’s where you were in WV. I can see why you were excited about the show! And Jenna, I think ice cream treats of all kinds are on the ok list (in moderation). Now you have me thinking about a peanut butter cup tornado. 🙂

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