So You Just Have to Eat Healthy, Right?

One of the questions I’ve been asked the most the past few months is if I just have to change my diet. To be honest, the question always gets under my skin. Maybe because I’ve always eaten a pretty healthy diet and I feel like the question implies I haven’t (I’m sensitive, I know). Or maybe because it just isn’t that simple.

The biggest diet change I have to make is in regard to my carb intake. While I’ve never been a crazy carb loader, I love fruit (an unfortunate carb carrier) and enjoy the occasional cookie, bagel or pizza.  These are the things that now spike my blood sugar if I’m not careful.

One night early on in my diabetic journey, I had a veggie wrap in lavash bread for dinner and three hours later my blood glucose was nearly 300. Since then, I’ve become more and more aware of the carbs I’m eating and have tried to learn the number of grams in various foods. Still, every meal is kind of an experiment.


One response to “So You Just Have to Eat Healthy, Right?

  1. You are right – every food is an experiment.

    It takes time, but you’ll learn about foods that are friendly to your BG, and foods that are not. You’ll also pick up some tricks with your insulin that can help you work around some favorites that might be hard on your BG.

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