Did I Mention I’m a Fainter?

I had an appointment this morning to get hooked up to a continuous glucose monitor. A tiny sensor was inserted under the skin of my back and then connected to a small monitor. The system will measure my blood glucose every 10 minutes for the next five days.

While I wear the monitor I have to write down all of the food I consume and activity I engage in. I also need to continue to test my blood glucose with my meter four times a day so that it can be calibrated with the system. On Monday morning the monitor will be removed and sent away to have the data downloaded.

The insertion of the sensor was quick and relatively painless, but soon after I started to feel overheated and light headed. Thankfully, I know my body well enough and was able to lie down, take deep breaths and prevent myself from fainting. Twice.


One response to “Did I Mention I’m a Fainter?

  1. Glad you made it out of there on your own two feet! At first it seems so weird to have something like that stuck into you (I’m sorry – that probably doesn’t help does it…). I found that after a while, and after learning that it is mostly pretty comfortable, it doesn’t mess with my head anymore.

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