Back In The Kitchen

I love to cook. I love browsing through cookbooks and cooking websites, selecting the right ingredients at the store, and bringing the recipe to life in my kitchen. I find the whole process extremely therapeutic.  The last couple of months, though, I’ve lost my inspiration.

Even though I’ve always been a healthy eater, the diabetes diagnosis and the carb counting that came with it has made me nervous about I can and should eat. Instead of trying new recipes, I’ve been playing it safe (and boring), baking chicken, roasting vegetables and throwing together simple salads.

That’s why trying a new recipe today was so satisfying. I was in desperate need of something sweet and decided try the Brownie Cookie recipe from Diabetic Living. The cookies turned out absolutely delicious, and even though it was a simple recipe, it inspired me to start experimenting in the kitchen again.


2 responses to “Back In The Kitchen

  1. Hi! Welcome to the blogosphere! Glad to have you, and thank you for sharing your story with all of us!

    While I don’t do recipes much, I do find myself not experimenting too much. I think we feel safer that way, knowing (for the most part) how the food will affect us. But, while I’m at home, with lots of backup stuff to choose from, I should really try more new things. You never know!

  2. Thanks! It’s great to be here, surrounded by the supportive DOC. 🙂

    If you ever need recipe suggestions, I’m happy to give them! I love experimenting with food…and the D is just a new challenge to work with.

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