Type 1, 2 or Somewhere in Between?

When I saw my endocrinologist today I grilled him on my type of diabetes. I’ve been wondering about this anxiously since my diagnosis. While he suspects it may be type 1.5 (also known as slow onset type 1 and LADA), he still doesn’t know at this point. Being the sensible doctor that he is, he stressed that I shouldn’t worry about the type, but instead should continue to focus on managing my blood glucose right now.

Despite still being in the dark about this, my appointment went well. My levels have been good this past month and my doctor said I’m doing great. The only downside to my visit was that the receptionist told me to fast, so I went to my appointment hungry and uncaffeinated. As soon as I realized I wasn’t getting any blood drawn, I attacked the peanut butter sandwich and cup of coffee I’d brought with me.


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