Can I Get a Refill, Please?

I spent a good part of today on the phone with my health insurance provider and pharmacy. I was out of test strips, but couldn’t get a refill because my insurance would only cover the cost for me to test three times a day. It took my doctor (have I mentioned that he’s wonderful?) calling both my insurance and pharmacy to finally get a refill.

As I’m sure anyone with diabetes or other ongoing disease can attest, navigating the health care system can be absolutely exhausting. It’s frustrating that something as simple as refilling a prescription can feel so impossible.

On a positive note, I was reminded again today how lucky I am to be surrounded by supportive friends and family. One friend called to say she’d been thinking of me the past few weeks, and another brought me sugar free dark chocolate. Even battling with my insurance doesn’t seem so bad when I’ve got people like that in my life.


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